Published 1 month ago

Genex3rd is a successful company. It is moving ahead rapidly with the help of our precious users all over the world. We are really very thankful to you for staying with us and supporting us patiently. We are willing to increase the quality of our service so that users can face less problem. Some of our users facing so many problems for the lack of communication. Specially in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, users are getting poor service from us. In this case, Genex3rd authority has decided to take country managers among our verified users in these countries. It is a very good opportunity to the users to work with us as a country manager and help us to provide a good service. Users from Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh can drop your CV to apply as a genex3rd country manager. To apply, you will need to provide the documents below: 1. CV (must include personal email and phone number) 2. TIN (tax identify number) 3. Passport size picture (1copy) 4. NID/ PASSPORT/ DRIVING LICENSE COPY 5. House utility bill Quality: 1. A good skill at Internet browsing. 2. Digital marketing skill must needed. 3. Good communication skills with users. 4. English speaking skill for communication with Genex3rd authority. Facilities: 1. Monthly revenue per ID. 2. Monthly coupon code. 3. 20% earning commission from every new user thru country manager. 4. Genex3rd admin access to maintain his country users. 5. Country manager can join our yearly board meeting with free air ticket. 6. If country manager can add 1000 VIP users or investors within 3 months, he will get a flat in his own country. If he can add 500VIP users or investors within 3 months, he will get a Brand new Audi. 7. If he can add 250 users with mixed packages, he will get a couple tour in Malaysia/Singapore . Last date for apply: 03/10/2018
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